Adopting an off the track Thoroughbred (OTTB) can be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll make in your equestrian career. Depending on who you ask, the word “Thoroughbred” can carry with it a lot of preconceptions. To those that know them well, when we think of OTTBs we think of heart and stamina and athleticism unmatched, but also intelligence and work ethic.

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Every time a horse is adopted from After the Races, another almost immediately comes in off our wait list. By choosing to adopt you save not just one but two lucky horses. If you are in a position to accept and work with a young Thoroughbred, we hope you will consider adopting.

If you are considering a new horse and are interested in building a rewarding relationship with one of these beautiful animals, here’s how our adoption process works.

1. Fill out an application We require all interested potential adopters to fill out an application. Adopting off track Thoroughbreds is ideal for experienced, previous horse owners, and questions will be asked regarding experience and care of the horse.

The application can be downloaded here or fill out our online application. Our e-mail is

2. Choosing a horse. If approved (references will be checked and the availability of your references can occasionally delay the process), you can then work with After the Races staff to set up an appointment to come meet the horses in person and determine which (if any) will be suitable for you.  If the horse you are interested in is currently in training, you may potentially try them out on our property prior to making your decision.  We do not hold horses until they are adopted. Horses will be shown to all approved adopters until an adopter makes a commitment to the horse.

3. Adoption fees and contract. To commit to adopting a horse, adoption paperwork must be filled out AND the adoption fee paid in full. Adoption fees vary based on the horse and their abilities and condition.  The adoption contract includes a No-Auction and Right of First Refusal agreement in exchange for full transfer of ownership and foal papers (that have been marked as “sold as retired” or “not for racing”).

4. Transportation. Adopters have 7 days to move the horse from our location upon completion of the adoption process. A daily rate of $18 will be charged for every day the horse remains in our care beyond the first seven. Transportation is the responsibility of the adopter, though we can assist you with shipping for $2.00/loaded mile (or can recommend other shippers upon request).

5. Keep us updated! Once a horse has left to go to its new home, we expect to hear how it is adjusting and expect at least a couple updates during the first year, with photos, so that we can see how the horse is transitioning. This is the most rewarding part of our job!

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